Frequently Asked Questions

What systems can SIPM run on?   SIPM will run on all Windows-based PC computers.  We particularly recommend Windows XP or Vista, but SIPM should work on earlier Windows systems.  You will need to ensure that the .Net 2.0 framework is installed (a free download from Microsoft)

What about Macintosh users?  As confirmed Macintosh users, we were a little dissapointed to move SIPM to a PC platform, but the programme support and universal access offerred by PC allowed us to maximise functionality while allowing a stable connection to digital balances. However, all modern Macintosh computers can run Windows operating systems, either as a separate start-up or through Parallels.  We have not fully tested SIPM on Parallels however.

How much does SIPM cost?  Because of its specialised nature, the costs of SIPM licences depend on the nature of the use.  To get a quote, either use the Contact Us link to complete an enquiry form or email us at



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