Updated version of SIPM released in November 2012.

SIPM 2.0 incorporating Experiment Builder is available for purchase and download.  The new SIPM has been completely redesigned to make it into a flexible and comprehensive system for collecting human intake data, mood and appetite ratings and sensory data.

Key features include:

  • Complete flexibility in study design.  The new system allows any combination of ratings and intake data, including multiple course meals, complete control over the types of data collected during interruptions during an eating course, and a comprehensive taste test facility to allow multiple sensory evaluations of limitless numbers of sensory stimuli.  From sensory analysis to preloads, sensory-specific satiety to eating rate, the new SIPM can cover all these procedures and more
  • VAS or gLMS.  Sensory scientists are increasingly using generalised label magnitude scales (gLMS) to measure sensory properties.  The new SIPM offers the user a choice of traditional visual analogue (VAS) or gLMS scales, or any combination of these two types of ratings, both for mood/appetite and sensory evalaution data
  • Total text freedom.  You decide the content of all text fields, scale labels (other than gLMS) and button texts to give you maximum control over experiment design,
  • Increased security.  The new SIPM allows a trained tester to run studies, but to design or edit protocols, or extract data, an adminstrator name and password are needed so ensuring data security.
  • User-friendly interfaces.  The redesigned user-interface is more in keeping with current software, with an intuituve feel to how the system is used.
  • On-line support. Once you have purchaed a license, you can access the User Area, where you can download the latest version, the handbook, and example protocols to try out.
  • Support packages.  The new SIPM can be used as a stand-alone package, or you can purchase annual support packages giving you direct access to experts in the ingestion field and programmers who can tweek SIPM to meet your individual needs.
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